Thursday, February 27, 2014

JFKU's 2nd Annual Day of the Book features Librarians Stephanie Roach & Jason Dezember

John F. Kennedy University Liberal Studies Program

2nd Annual Day of the Book - REVISED SCHEDULE AS OF 3/8/2014

What: An exploration of authorship, publishing, and the book in the 21st century
Where: John F. Kennedy University, 100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA
When: Saturday March 8, 2014 | 10 am - 4pm


Morning Session 1

Write your non-fiction book / Catherine Bramkamp (S116); Storytelling basics / Beth Barany (S112);  Writing home / Deema K. Shehabi (S224)The social cause diet: Filling up with satisfying acts of service / Gail Johnston (S108)

Morning Session 2

How to become self-published / Marcus Evans (S112); Writing historical fantasy with four quadrant living / Linda McCabe (S116)The future of the book in a networked world / Jason Dezember & Stephanie Roach (S108)

Lunch and keynote

Beyond words: 200 years of illustrated diaries / Susan Snyder, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley (S209)

Afternoon Session 1

What makes a bestseller / Ezra Barany (S116); Writing your spirit: The marriage of authenticity and artfulness / Charles Burack (S112)Behind the mask: Writing the sociopathic personality / Robbie Sommers Bryant (S224)Alternative spirituality / T. Thorn CoyleAnne HillM. Macha NightmareVictoria Slind-Flor (S108)

Afternoon Session 2

The four powers of writing / T. Thorn Coyle (S112)Romancing today / Sharon Hamilton (S116); Choose your destiny / Steven Kiefel (S224); Authors and writers connecting to the community / Contra Costa County Librarians (S108)

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