Friday, April 5, 2013

A Handy Workaround for the Ebrary App for Android

Oh no! The Ebrary App won't work on my Android Tablet!

Have no fear! I got the scoop from Ebrary support. They are currently troubleshooting the problem, and for now, there is a workaround. Good luck, and happy e-reading!

The problem

There is an incompatibility issue with Ebrary's mobile app and Android OS Jellybean, which causes the Ebrary app to crash. The crashing issue won't be resolved until the next version of the app is released--hopefully within the next month.

The workaround

Instructions for this workaround are fairly straightforward:

  1. Follow these instructions to download a book to your computer
  2. Install Bluefire or Aldiko on your device (Available via Google Play).
  3. Connect your device to your computer via USB and when prompted on the device, select USB mode.
  4. After you connect your device, Open ADE, and on the bottom left it should show your device as connected. Once connected, simply drag and drop the book to it.
Alternatively, you should be able to download the .acsm from ebrary (this is the license file that allows ADE to retrieve the book) and manually copy that file into the .ebrary\acsm folder on your device. This would allow you to use the ebrary app to view the book. Note: this may not work if the app does not open properly on your device.

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