Friday, November 30, 2012

Google Scholar Links to JFKU Libraries' Journals!

Google Scholar indexes the full text of scholarly literature from many of the peer-reviewed online journals of Europe and America, plus scholarly books and other non-peer reviewed journals.
If you use the JFKU Library link to Google Scholar (located on our General  page and our Alphabetical list of resources), you will be able to access JFKU's full-text journal content via Google. This means that your searches will turn up hundreds of thousands of more full-text results.

How do you do it? To the left is an image from our  General subject page, showing the special Google Scholar link. If you follow this link you will be prompted to log in to JFKU Libraries before being directed to Google Scholar. This allows Google to know you are coming form JFKU and to provide full-text links for you.

Once you complete a search on Google Scholar you will see links to the right of the screen, as shown below.

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