Thursday, September 27, 2012

JFK University Libraries News: Faculty edition

Updates for faculty from the Library: New digitization service offered, copyright tips, and more!

New Digitization Service for Faculty

Digitize video for use in eCollege or eCompanion

The JFK University Libraries and Miriam Garcia, Manager of Online Programs, are happy to announce a new service for faculty members wishing to digitize library media for use in eCollege or eCompanion. Simply visit our Faculty Services page, select “Media Upload to eCollege,” and enter the information about your course and the time stamp data for the media excerpts you wish to upload, if applicable. The requested media will be digitized and sent to you electronically for upload to eCollege. Total estimated turnaround time is 10 business days.

Copyright Tips: The Online Learning Environment

Copyright Symbol

Use resources legally in eCollege or eCompanion

US Copyright Law (Title 17 of the United States Code, plus case law) and the published best practices of many academic institutions indicate that it is NOT necessary to obtain permission to post or link to material within an online learning management system if you follow the seven simple guidelines in our online guide.

Link to Resources via eCollege/eCompanion

Faculty Library Guide: How to Link to Library Content

Streaming video, ebooks and articles

Create your own e-Reserves by linking to library content from your eCollege or eCompanion course, or your online syllabus! We encourage faculty to take full advantage of the great resources we have for students. Please see the Faculty Library Guide for information on linking to the libraries' streaming video, ebooks and articles directly from your eCollege or eCompanion site.

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